Shipping Container Homes - How To Get Started

BOXHUB is now making it easy to get started on your shipping container home project. Buy the new e-book and take the first step to realize your dream today!

Team Boxhub

May 20, 2019

BOXHUB Shipping Container Homes

BOXHUB focus 100% on getting you the very best deal on new and used shipping containers directly from the container lines cutting out all unnecesary waste.

Although we don't sell ready-made container homes, many of our customers have already converted both new and used BOXHUB Storage containers into beautiful container homes.

We get questions on a daily basis for "how to get started on your container home project?. We are happy that we have now found a great solution that answers this question.

Get Started Today

Buying the container is the easiest part - just check out at

But how do you get started with your project? Fortunately, our friends at DiscoverContainers has made an excellent e-book explaining how to get started with your container home build.

The 98 pages of content includes easy to understand illustrations, graphics and tables, to help you get started with your project. The book provides a step-by-step guide to building a home, so the project becomes concrete and manageable to get started. The guide includes:

  • Example budgets depending on size & features
  • What foundation is recommended for your specific site
  • Advice on how what site preparation you need for the delivery of the containers
  • Guide on how to best insulate your containers, whether you are building in warm or cool climates
  • Information on how to treat the walls, doors, roof and all the other aspects of the shipping container
  • Checklists to make sure you cover all bases

Buy The Book And Start Your Journey Today

It's easy to get started, just click on one of the links below, and get the book delivered immediately

Buy Your Containers On BOXHUB

If you are ready to start the build, buying the container is the easiest part - just check out at for both New and Used containers delivered straight to your site. Make the Dream Come True!