Guide to delivery

Delivery Guide

The purpose of this guide is to make sure the delivery of your container is as smooth as possible. The main thing to consider is “space” (Is there enough space for the delivery truck to maneuver) and “surface” (can the delivery truck drive on the surface and do you have an even, hard surface to place the container on).

Understanding container grading

Understanding container grades

Should I get a new or used container and what is the difference between "cargo-worthy" and "wind & watertight"? This article outlines the four main categories and helps you chose the right container condition for your specific need

Buying a container

Shipping/ exporting your BOXHUB shipping container overseas

How do I Ship or Export my Shipping Container Overseas? Boxhub makes this process easy and this quick "how-to" guide explains the steps

One-trip containers – what to expect?

New “one-trip” containers represent the best quality available on the market. However, they are used for a single trip with cargo, and will sometimes have light wear and tear. This guides explain what to expect when buying a new one-trip container from Boxhub

Why buy a container instead of renting?

Whether to buy or rent a container depends on a number of factors including what you plan to use the container for and how long you will need it. If you decide to buy, Boxhub will find the right container and deliver straight to your door

Moving house – what to consider when buying your own moving container

Buying your own shipping containers if you are moving can be a great idea. This guide explains the key things to consider, as well as how to arrange pick-up and delivery of loaded shipping containers

CSC Plates - if you need to ship the container

If you need to use your container for shippingor exports, it needs a valid "CSC Plate". For all cargo-worthy containers we can provide a CSC Survey for a small fee

Container door handling locking gear - "low" or "high"?

Whether containers have "low" or "high" handling locking gear is a question of whether it was made for international shipping or designed specifically for storage

Using a container

Shipping Container Homes - How To Get Started

BOXHUB is now making it easy to get started on your shipping container home project. Buy the new e-book and take the first step to realize your dream today!

How to maintain your shipping container

Shipping containers are extremely strong structures made to withstand hurricanes and extreme heat as they move around the world on ships. With a few maintenance tips, you can make your shipping last even longer when you use it for storage

The Beer Can – a shipping container bar

Denver-based Rox Box, have designed a transportable bar in a used shipping container. The “Beer Can” can be rented for festivals, events, weddings or any other event where a temporary bar-setup is required.

Reefer containers for chilled and frozen storage

Apart from shipping, reefer containers have many innovative uses on land. Many retailers or warehouses use 2nd-hand reefer containers as cold-storage facilities instead of building cold-storage facilities from scratch. The big advantage of reefers is that they are already very well insulated. This means they are also great for modifications into office or housing units

New Old Stock – Pioneering “container living”

Architecture and design firm "New Old Stock" is pioneering “container living” with their new NOS units enabling more people to experience the benefits of "Container Living"

Innovation in container delivery

Delivery of containers can sometimes be challenging. There is usually a requirement to have ~ 100ft of straight line to deliver a container, which can be a challenge especially in urban areas, or in rural areas where roads are small and narrow

Building a summerhouse out of used containers

Three used containers, a piece of land on an idyllic Danish island and a little bit of patience. Those are the key ingredients for Lars Christensen and his family as they realize their dream of building a container summer house on Samsø, a popular Danish island.

Boxouse – container homes on wheels

Oakland-based start-up is delivering an innovative solution to affordable housing in California by converting 2nd-hand shipping containers to comfortable homes

Container dimensions

How much can you fit in a shipping container?

Containers are like legos - they come in standard sizes and can be stacked on top of each other. This guide illustrates the dimensions of standard 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers and help you decide what size is the right for your storage need