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We source directly from the container owners to ensure the best possible prices and a smooth process for both buyers and sellers

The right condition

We sell both new and used containers. Choose between four clearly defined condition standards to suit your specific need.


We have made the best possible agreements with trucking suppliers so you don’t have to. We can arrange delivery straight to your door, or you can choose to pick-up the container yourself if you already have a preferred supplier. The choice is yours.

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Stephan Grabowski


“Awesome service that takes the complexity away from buying containers. Worked exactly as it should.“

Anthony Halsch

CEO @ Overcon Containers

“Overcon is a fast-paced container sales organization that needs a high volume of readily available containers to keep up with the growing demand. We love the smooth process of buying through Boxhub and dealing with industry professionals every time.“

Lars Christensen

Summerhouse builder

“We are building a summer house of 3 used containers. For “non-shipping” people, it’s great to be able to use a dedicated platform that makes it easy to get the right container at the best price.“

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What you could do with a used shipping container

Building a summerhouse out of used containers

Three used containers, a piece of land on an idyllic Danish island and a little bit of patience. Those are the key ingredients for Lars Christensen and his family as they realize their dream of building a container summer house on Samsø, a popular Danish island.

Innovation in container delivery

Delivery of containers can sometimes be challenging. There is usually a requirement to have ~ 100ft off straight line to deliver a container, which can be a challenge especially in urban areas, or in rural areas where roads are small and narrow

New Old Stock – Pioneering “container living”

Architecture and design firm "New Old Stock" is pioneering “container living” with their new NOS units enabling more people to experience the benefits of "Container Living"

Delivery Guide

The purpose of this guide is to make sure the delivery of your container is as smooth as possible. The main thing to consider is “space” (Is there enough space for the delivery truck to maneuver) and “surface” (can the delivery truck drive on the surface and do you have an even, hard surface to place the container on).

Understanding container grades

Boxhub operates with four container grading descriptions. Whatever the purpose the containers you need will fit into each of these categories. The higher the quality the higher the price, so this guide is to help you select the right container for your need to make sure your solution is the most economical for you

Boxouse – container homes on wheels

Oakland-based start-up is delivering an innovative solution to affordable housing in California by converting 2nd-hand shipping containers to comfortable homes